I had the pleasure of spending the May, June, and July with Shakespeare Dallas (where I had my first professional job, playing Ferdinand in The Tempest in 2006, and then returned to play Romeo in 2007) as Will in Shakespeare in Love. It was an utter joy to be back out there working on such a fun play with an ensemble of delightful folks.


  • “The ensemble is strong from top to bottom, which can be hard to accomplish in outdoor summer theater with a large cast, with standouts Sutton, fully committed and believable as a dashing Will…” (M. Lance Lusk for Theater Jones)
  • “Montgomery Sutton isn’t playing a part in this show; Montgomery Sutton is Shakespeare, feeling every moment so intensely that for a moment you might think you’re a fly on the wall in the 1500s instead of sitting in an amphitheater under the stars in Dallas, Texas.” (Katie-Rose Watson, The Rose Table)
  • “Playing a fictional version of the playwright is a poetic turn for Sutton.” (Kimberly Richard, NBC5DFW)
  • “clever and pacey … Both a celebration of William Shakespeare and an accessible play for audience members unfamiliar with his works” (Brian Wilson, Katy Trail Weekly)

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