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Montgomery Sutton's plays include Advent (semi-finalist, 2015 Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference; staged readings: 2015 - Kitchen Dog Theatre 2015 New Works Festival, Dallas, TX; 2014 - The Aviary, Dallas, TX), Your Colonel (production: 2012 - Metropolitan Playhouse, NYC), Ruins, Moonlight Gospel (production: 2006 - EBE Ensemble, NYC), and Patience (workshop – Kitchen Dog/PUP Fest, Dallas, TX). Training: Primary Stages’ Einhorn School of Performing Arts: Cusi Cram, Kara Lee Corthron, Brooke Berman, Edwin Sanchez, and Josh Hecht; NYU Tisch: Steven Drukman. Acting: Metropolitan Playhouse, Second Thought Theatre, Undermain Theatre, American Bard, White Horse Theatre Company, Theatre Three, Casa Manana, Circle Theatre, Watertower Theatre, FringeNYC, Gallery Players, Uptown Players, Shakespeare Dallas, and Dallas Children’s Theater. Recognitions: DFW Critics Forum Award (Doug in Gruesome Playground Injuries); New York Innovative Theater Award nominee (Edmund in King Lear). More information and complete scripts available at the New Play Exchange.

Plays available for production include:

Advent (110 min)

In Development

2M (20s, 30); 1F (20s)

2015 Reading - Kitchen Dog Theatre, Annual New Works Festival

2015 Semi-Finalist - Eugene O'Neill Theater Center, National Playwrights Conference

2014 Reading - The Aviary, Hatchlings Series

Two brothers isolate themselves in the walk in freezer of a small West Texas town superstore in the wake of an inexplicable catastrophe that seems to have eradicated all other human life. As they attempt to build a new world amid the endless supplies and trinkets, their coping mechanisms begin to draw them in opposite directions until a young woman collapses near death at their doorstep, opening a whole new spectrum of possibilities within their little world and renewing each of their hopes for something more. But as she begins to push a newfound Evangelism inspired by a vision on the road, old wounds and fears are ignited throwing their new home and their very lives into peril, exposing the dark sides of grief and the costs of survival.

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Ruins (90 min)

In Development

2M (20s, 50s); 1F (20s)

A devastating storm in tornado alley prompts a surprising reunion between two former lovers who haven't spoken in a decade. As sights, sounds, and touches spin them off into moments from their past, painful revelations emerge that force them to ask whether what's been destroyed can ever truly be rebuilt.

View a 10 page sample of the current revision.

Your Colonel (80 min)

In Development

3M (20, 40s, 50s); 4F (10, 15, 17, 40s)

2013 Workshop - Metropolitan Playhouse, Founders Festival - official website

The first part of the Aaron Burr Cycle. In July 1776, the Declaration of Independence is the last thing on the mind of youn Colonel Aaron Burr. As the British fleet invades Staten Island, Burr's illicit romance with the teenage daughter of a British Major and his longstanding battle of principles with George Washington collide, propelling him towards becoming our most vilified founding father.

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Broken Water (10-minute one act)

In Development

2F (20s)

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Moonlight Gospel (one-act)

1M (teens); 1F (teens)

2006 World Premiere - EBE Ensemble, Elephants on Parade Short Play Festival

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